1 Video Offer For New Clients ($270)

1 Video Offer For New Clients ($270)

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Our 1 x video offer is available for new clients to do a test video with us.

We will:

- Professionally edit your 3 minute video to make it more entertaining/engaging.

- Write an article summarizing the information in your video.

- We will extract 3 good quotes from your video and create 3 quote picture card images for use on the article and can also be used as social media collateral.

- We will create an online publication for you and post your weekly article and quote cards on there. 

https://medium.com/@Brighter.Agency (an example of the publication).

- We will strip the audio from your video and create a podcast for you and upload your weekly episodes. 

https://castbox.fm/ch/2449056 (example of a podcast).

Please note that instead of recording one 3 minute video a week, you have the option of recording 3 x shorter videos for the week instead (1 minute each).

Once we receive your raw video(s) we will then get to work and deliver all of your finished content within one week.

We will also re-size the dimensions of the finished video(s) so they can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter (please note that Twitter has a max video length of 2 mins and 20 seconds per each video).