Important Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I have to record one 3 minute video or can I break it up into shorter videos?

You are more than welcome to record 3 x shorter videos instead. As long as they are around 1 min each in length and there is a maximum of 3 videos total.


2. Do I need an expensive video camera to record my weekly video?

No, these days smartphones have incredibly powerful and high-quality video cameras and recording capabilites.


3. What is the turn around time from me submitting my video and receiving the final work?

We will edit your video(s) and produce all of the content included in our list within one week (see question 7. for the full list of what is included). 


4. Why do I need to produce content anyway?

We believe that when a customer is given the choice of working with someone who has built up a lot of personal brand recognition and a large following, they will feel a lot more comfortable working with the more recognized and socially popular person. 

By building up a reputation as being someone who provides a lot of genuinely helpful and free information to their customer market, you are positioning yourself as an industry expert and thought-leader in your space.

This will naturally lead to more sales, referrals and PR opportunities over time.


5. How much does it cost?

We are offering a 1 off video purchase option for all of our new clients (available for $270). Our standard offer is a package of 4 videos ($270 x 4).

You can purchase the 1 x video trial offer here:


6. Does my 4-pack of videos expire?

No, you are able to submit each of the videos when it is convenient for you, however we recommend that you try and release at least one video a week minimum in order to ensure consistency and therefore remain relevant to your followers.


7. What is included again for $270?

For $270, we will use your original 3 minute video to:

- Strip the audio from your video and upload it onto your new online sound playlist/podcast we'll create for you.

- We will write a custom written article that will summarize and expand on the major points in your video.

- We will then create an online publication for you (using Medium) and post your weekly articles on there.

- We will also extract 3 x good quotes/taglines from your video and create 3 x quote picture cards to use in the article and your social media channels. 

- We will edit your main video and make it more engaging by adding a video intro, background music, a custom title, any relevant graphics, banners, text and subtitle captions.

- Instead of recording one 3 minute video, you have the option of recording three shorter videos instead (1 minute each) and we can just edit them instead.

- All of the video files will be re-sized and adjusted for posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter (please note Twitter has a maximum video length of 2 mins and 20 seconds per video).


8. I have more questions. How do I contact you?

We can be reached on +1 323 473 3139

If you want one of our representatives to call you back, simply book in your preferred time here:

You can also use the LiveChat feature on our website (bottom right corner).

Or you can email us at: